WTF, Ada.

Welcome to the desert of the real.

Le Bonheur De Vivre by Henri Mattisse

See what a handful of Ada developers are doing via Planet Ada.

Read the manual to reveal why the compiler has a personal vendetta for you. In addition to the Ada Reference Manual for Ada 95 and its amendments Ada 2005 and Ada 2012, there are also Annotated Ada Reference Manuals for each standard (95,2005,2012) that features precise, concise, language lawyer nomenclature intended even less for consumption by mortals.

Visit Ada Commons or Ada Denmark's Wiki if you'd like to see some realistic examples or when the language of the RM frazzles you.

If you're just getting started in the language, I suggest working through the first half of Ada 95: The Art of Object-oriented programming skipping things you know already or of which you wish to remain ignorant.

You could also join the friendly folks #ada on Freenode, join the Ada discussions on LinkedIn, Google+ and StackOverflow.